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Road to Graduation

Board Game

Walk around the college campus! The goal is to "graduate" by heading to the red square. But, your knowledge on art majors will be tested. Get them wrong and you'll be held back!

Served as director, lead game designer, and assistant writer.

Playable Pieces


Upper images made by Keith Tran. Lower images made by Abigail Sholly.


1. Roll a die to move forward on the board.

2. If you land on the blue-green tile, someone on your right must pick up a trivia card and ask you the question on it.

3. They will reveal the answer with the red translucent glass. If you answered correctly, you get to stay. If you answered wrong, you must move back to the previous blue-green tile.

4. After your turn, the person on your left is next.

5. The first to get to the red tile wins.


Road to Graduation


What's the first principle of the 12 principles of animation?

Squash and stretch


Trivia Cards

The trivia cards have questions on top and scrambled answers on the bottom. The player has to answer the question right to stay in place. To see the answers, the player that asked the question must use the red translucent glass to reveal the answer on the bottom of the card.

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