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Short Film

On a mission in another universe, the otherworldly peacekeeper Kyusung finds himself being hunted by a bounty hunting fire mage in the woods. Will he escape alive or be her next pile of ashes?

Served as director, storyboard artist, character designer, and animator.




Protagonist of Wanted

The leader of a peacekeeping organization from another world. Traveling in the woods, he stumbled upon a paper and a mysterious bounty hunter who uses fire.



Antagonist of Wanted

An unlucky fire mage who became a bounty hunter out of desperation. She took the risk to face Kyusung, who is said to be a "very dangerous man" in her world.

Animatics and Storyboards

The process of making the short film.

These storyboards told a more detailed story compared to the finalized short film. But, the majority of it was changed to save time.

The majority of the scenes are changed for simplicity. The only other change to the rough animatic to the final animation was the ending. The "reflect" attack was really confusing and it felt out of character.

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