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The Portal Device


A robber steals a device that can create portals to other worlds! The leader of the peacekeeping organization is sent to track him down to his lair, retrieve the device, and arrest the robber. Can she succeed in her mission?

Served as director, character designer, and storyboard artist.



Angie Chen

Protagonist of The Portal Device

The leader of a peacekeeping organization. This cowgirl-themed leader chased a red-masked robber to his base to retrieve what belonged to her, a portal device.


"The Red Baron"

Antagonist of The Portal Device

A wannabe robber who got his hands on Angie's portal device. What were his reasons? It's unknown, but he's likely going to sell it to the highest bidder.


The story was to end in a cliffhanger and it was originally called "the Device", with no hints of what it does. It was changed because I wanted to introduce a new character at the end of the animatic.

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