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The Order of Multiversal Defense and Counterterrorism is the leading organization that keeps worlds at peace, similar to the United Nations on a larger scale. Led by the current leader Keith Xing-ling Chen, best known by Kyusung, the organization protects worlds from the increase of crime and any potential crises that may lead to another multiversal-scale war. It is also the first organization on its Earth to accept magic users, where they faced massive discrimination elsewhere on the planet.



This world is full of dragons and other reptilian-like humanoids and creatures. Set in the medieval eras, the world is best known for its fierce rivalry between the Kingdom of Drakon and the Qing Long Empire.




A group of wizards and witches with the ability to control elements. All of them can be identified with birthmarks on their body; each birthmark defines what ability they could do, i.e. a sun witch has the ability to use fire, lightning, and light. Due to the massive fear of magic hundreds of years ago, there was a major purge that left a handful of Transcendents on Earth. With so few masters around, those born after the purge were not able to master their abilities. Anais and Aeris Santhosa-Chen are the few and only well-known Transcendent witches that have full control of their abilities.

Sun Witch

Moon Witch

The Chen Bloodline

Keith Xing-ling "Kyusung" Chen

Angela Jennifer "Angie" Chen

The Chen family are famously known for their immense power and actions throughout the multiverse. While all members of the bloodline are well-known, the Generals of the OMDCT are often the ones people recognize the most. Kyusung is the leader and first General of the OMDCT, well-known for starting and winning two Multiversal Wars with his magical historic weapons called Star Shards. Years later, his daughter Angie succeeded him, bringing along her magical tarot card, the Empress. People can easily identify most Chen members with their jet black hair covering one eye and their blue, black, and white clothing.


Star Shards

An example of a Star Shard, the Nichtozhe

Star Shards are magical historic weapons made in each part of the Earth before the 20th century. Thirteen of them each contain one element and a spirit and are considered one of the most dangerous weapons in the world. Once a person obtains it, their soul is bound to the weapon and attempts to unbound without the spirits' consent results in death, but they have full control of the elements if trained properly. Kyusung obtained them during the First Multiversal War to defeat his rival, and was trained to use them at full mastery by the spirits themselves. The Forbidden Star Shard, Nichtozhe, was originally a sickle sword, but was changed into a cane sword after Kyu's archaeology rival arrogantly took it and immediately faded away due to its instability.

Dragonblade - Lightning - ancient China

Scorchawk - Fire - pre-colonial North America

Rainbullet - Water - England/the Caribbean

Bestowland - Earth - Latin America

Akalpakatamas - Darkness - India

Koohira - Ice - feudal Japn

Hwido - Light - Joseon Korea

Kaha Awha - Wind - Polynesia

Isidlakadla - Psychic - South Africa (Zulu Kingdom)

Alfajr - Sun (Healing) - ancient Egypt

Lialusin - Moon (Illusions) - Caucaus

Uwchsain - Sound - Celtic Wales

Nichtozhe - Nothingness - ancient Mesopotamia

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